“Remember: taste buds are easily bored.”




Shrubs, also known as drinking vinegars, emerged hundreds of years ago as a way to preserve fruit juice using vinegar and sugar. In recent years, craft cocktail enthusiasts have revived this venerable elixir, greatly to the benefit of the modern drinker. 


A Shrubber Is Born

I started making shrubs when I needed something interesting to drink after I quit drinking. After a bartender introduced me to shrubs, I started playing around with different flavor combos myself, and enough friends and relatives told me, “Man, this stuff is delicious!” that I decided to try selling it. The fact that my custom-created non-alcohol drink alternative is also a fabulous cocktail mixer amuses me greatly.


All Natural

Calvit’s Shrubs are made from piles and piles of fresh vegetable and fruits, using no syrups or concentrates, and are sweetened with unrefined cane sugar.