Calvit’s Shrubs add flavor and intrigue to soft drinks or cocktails.

Mine differ from the fruit-punchy flavor profile of many shrubs, in favor of tart, complex, aromatic flavors.

Each Calvit’s Shrub features two complementary fruits or vegetables, with a little spicy/herbal hit at the end to add interest and deliciousness. 


with White Peppercorns

Ginger and lemongrass are a classic, brilliant flavor combo. White pepper, common in Southeast Asian cooking, adds a little spice kick at the finish.



with Szechuan Peppercorns

Ginger brightens the beet and keeps it from being overly earthy, and Szechuan (also called "Sichuan") pepper adds a nice floral/aromatic thing.



with Hibiscus Flowers

Tomatillos are tart and bright and herbal, and the tamarind adds a wonderful deep sour funky tang. The hibiscus brings floral notes and a nice rosy color.



Thai Basil
with Lime Leaf and Thai Chili

I first had Thai basil served alongside a bowl of phở many years ago, and it completely blew my mind. Kaffir lime is aromatic and fascinating. The chili brings tingle to the finish, without getting “spicy.”


The "Shrubber's Sampler": because when you've never tasted something before, it's fun to try a lot at one time.

The "Shrubber's Sampler": because when you've never tasted something before, it's fun to try a lot at one time.



"Shrubber's Sampler"
Gift/Variety Pack

My three most popular flavors in one handy, charming package! It's the host gift of a new generation. Contains: Ginger/Lemongrass • Thai Basil • Beet/Ginger. Rear label includes recipe instructions.


How To Use

COCKTAIL: Mix 1 oz. of shrub with 1 oz. of your preferred spirit (if you like the taste of liquor at the forefront, use a bit less shrub); add club soda or tonic to taste. A good squeeze of lemon or lime is almost always a fine idea. Feel free to experiment! 

SOFT DRINK: For a delicious, all-natural, hand-made NA refreshment, pour about 1 oz. of shrub into a tall glass with club soda and/or tonic water (about a 1-to-4 ratio) and ice. A squeeze of lime? Sure.